National Crochet Month

National Crochet Month, March, has been acknowledged for the past 18 years. The CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) has led events to celebrate March as National Crochet Month. The goal is to promote the art of crochet and engage enthusiasts and master crocheters alike. CGOA is the only national organization that promotes the education, art,Continue reading “National Crochet Month”

12 Benefits of Learning How to Crochet

Crocheting for Beginners: Understanding the Benefits and History of Crochet Add To Favorites By Cathy Myers Bullard – “Chain four, join, and turn.” What artful activity relieves stress, inspires creativity, and promotes well-being all while being fun and functional? The answer: crochet. Discover the benefits of learning how to crochet. Let’s start with the basics. What doesContinue reading “12 Benefits of Learning How to Crochet”

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