Crochet Wheelchair Shawl

This wheelchair shawl is small and perfect for patients who are going through treatments. It is easy to wrap around the shoulders and down the back where they get cold. It can also be used as a bed or wheelchair shawl. Material: Caron Simply Soft (2 balls) Hook Size H Tapestry Needle Abbreviations: ch- chainContinue reading “Crochet Wheelchair Shawl”

12 Benefits of Learning How to Crochet

Crocheting for Beginners: Understanding the Benefits and History of Crochet Add To Favorites By Cathy Myers Bullard – “Chain four, join, and turn.” What artful activity relieves stress, inspires creativity, and promotes well-being all while being fun and functional? The answer: crochet. Discover the benefits of learning how to crochet. Let’s start with the basics. What doesContinue reading “12 Benefits of Learning How to Crochet”

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